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Home  /  Blog Posts   /  Flood Restoration Roadhouse Boulevard

Flood Restoration Roadhouse Boulevard

The Case: Flood Restoration

Lemarg arrived to a home in the Toronto area after it was flooded. The flood is believed to have come from a pipe bursting around the upper floor, thus causing a great deal of damage. This was especially concerning to the client due to the high cost of the contents inside the property.

Lemarg found the area that the leak was in and stopped it. The water from the area was also cleared out to keep further damages from being a threat. Added dehumidifiers and air movers were also used to help dry out the space.

The professionals at Lemarg cleared out the contents of the home to ensure they would not be damaged or to at least reduce the intensity of losses or damages. Items that had been damaged were separated from the other contents to keep any contaminants from spreading.

Photos of the flood site and the contents were also taken. These were reserved so they could be sent to an insurance adjuster if necessary.

The Lemarg team arrived the next day to inspect the home. Samples of various parts of the home were taken to determine if there was any added moisture in the area or if the air quality was less than perfect. These samples included ones for carpets, hardwood floors, walls and much more.

The restoration process was done rather efficiently as Lemarg cleared out the excess water and removed the mold and other contaminants that developed as a result of the flood. The team worked hard to restore all flooring and wall surfaces and to reinforce the pipes in the home. This was utilized quickly and without spending more money than necessary.

Lemarg even completed a few cabinet and floor upgrades to the home at no added cost. This was thanks to how the team worked with a controlled budget.

The client was fully satisfied with the work Lemarg did. The client was happy with how Lemarg responded quickly and worked thoroughly to resolve the issue and restore the home to its pre-flood state.

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