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Pest Control

Lemarg: Toronto and Mississauga pest control services you can count on!
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Onsite within 1 hour

Once you call us, we’ll be there in an hour or less. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Extermination or relocation

Our team of experts is highly skilled at relocating animals and exterminating insects or small rodents.

Direct insurance billing

We can bill your insurance company directly when the job is complete and your pests are long gone.

Financing available

If your insurance company is denying your claim, give us a call to discuss our alternative coverage options.

What People Say About Us

Real testimonials from satisfied clients

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Contact us online or call 1.855.753.6274

We are always glad to help. No matter how big or small your project is. No emergency, building or plumbing job is too complex for our qualified, insured and certified team. Contact us right now to get started.

    Experts in Pest Control in Toronto

    If you’ve ever had cockroaches or mice in your home or office kitchen, you know how awful and repulsive it can be to discover you have a pest infestation on your hands. Not only can pests be annoying, gross, or even scary, but they can also present health issues to both humans and animals. They can contaminate food and leave allergy-inducing droppings. The last thing you want to do is expose people to household pests in and around your home or commercial property. After all, some pests are hazardous to your health in any amount. In fact, one household mouse can contaminate ten times more food than it can eat. Suffice it to say, pests are best treated as rapidly as possible. You can Lemarg to offer only the safest and most effective pest solutions.

    Varied pest control

    We offer professional and thorough Toronto and Mississauga pest control services. We take the time needed to inspect your property and formulate a customized pest control plan that will work for your problem. Count on us for a free estimate and superior service any time of year. Whether you’re dealing with fleas, ticks, silverfish, cockroaches, bees, ants, mice, rats, or other pests, Lemarg has you covered when you need it most!

    Give us a call to get started right away. Emergency crews available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.