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Home  /  Blog Posts   /  House Explosion Restoration Hickory Drive Mississauga

House Explosion Restoration Hickory Drive Mississauga

The Case: House Explosion Restoration

Lemarg was called over during a long weekend in July 2016 to help with reviewing a house explosion on Hickory Drive in Mississauga. The explosion was especially significant as there were more than sixty houses that suffered from some form of damage due to the explosion. In addition, homes next to the site of the explosion had to be torn down.

Lemarg was available to help with reviewing the homes that were damaged or even destroyed. While there were plenty of members of the media all around covering the incident and many at the fire department investigating the case, the fire marshals did allow Lemarg to get there.

Lemarg was there to help people go into their homes and find any personal items that they could remove. This was especially important as there was no guarantee that the people impacted would actually be able to return to their homes in the future.

Several teams of professionals at Lemarg came to the site to help families with removing the items that they were able to clear out of their homes. While Lemarg received plenty of media attention, the group focused on the families above all else.

Support was offered through an added command post. Lemarg and others involved at the site utilized the command post as a cooling station and as a place where people could get water as needed. This was critical as the temperature in the Mississauga area was intense at the time. The pressure from having to clear out glass and various other harmful forms of debris was especially intense.

After the initial problems were resolved, professionals at Lemarg were allowed to get into the homes that were impacted. Various temporary walls and other supports were used to keep the homes steady. Vapor barriers were also added to keep asbestos, mold and other harmful items from spreading. A separate team from Lemarg was also hired to remove those dangerous compounds.

There were a few places that still had to be demolished. Lemarg assisted in removing any personal contents that were left in these homes and then getting them stored so families could pick up their items later on. The demolition process entailed getting old insulation materials removed while stripping down walls in many spots.

This was all done with plenty of communication between Lemarg and the families that were impacted. All the necessary steps were detailed to keep everyone on the same page.

It has been about four months since this shocking event and Lemarg is still busy working to help families with getting their lives back on track. Lemarg continues to work on reviewing properties, getting belongings out of the area and ensuring that all people are kept in the know on what is happening to their properties. The main goal of what Lemarg has been doing is to establish sense of support for all people even in a time of uncertainty.

Lemarg’s clients in Mississauga have been especially satisfied with the group’s work. They are especially pleased with how Lemarg cares about the welfare of each person impacted by the explosion and are working hard to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. While some have moved back into the area and others are waiting, everyone is at least glad that Lemarg is on their side during this difficult ordeal.

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